Nancy Hairston

Possessing a unique background in entrepreneurship, art and 3D technology. Trained as a sculptor at Loyola University in New Orleans, Ms. Hairston became interested in 3D technology through 3D animation and special effects during the rise of computer graphics in the 90’s.  Working for Silicon Graphics division, Alias-Wavefront, Ms. Hairston worked with the pioneers and biggest names in video game development, automotive design and film and television special effects. 

The close of the 90’s brought rapid improvement in the speed of the Internet, manufacturing technology and imaging, making productive remote workgroups reality.

This huge shift created the ability to “compress time” in the development of commercial products overseas, and in 2000, Ms. Hairston joined SensAble Technologies, where she was instrumental in designing and implementing the rapid digital product development between the US and Asia for major American manufacturers such as Mattel, Hallmark and Fisher-Price.  

With years of successful art and technology experience under her belt, Ms. Hairston started her own company, VanDuzen Inc. in 2002, with divisions, SculptCAD and MedCAD.

SculptCAD provides products, training and services in the 3D scanning, 3D printing and design arena focused on dental and commercial products.  Partnering closely with Stratasys, 3shape, 3D Systems and other rapid industry leaders, SculptCAD brings many years of experience to its clients enabling success for their integration into the 3D digital workflow.

MedCAD is a custom medical device manufacturer, specializing in pre-planning of surgeries, developing surgical kits and patient-specific implants. MedCAD developed the AccuPlan surgical planning system. MedCAD’s products greatly impact time reduction, efficacy and efficiency, while reducing risk and providing a safer and far better result for the patient. MedCAD's products are used in neurosurgery, cranio-maxillofacial and oral surgery cases. 

Ms. Hairston serves on the Society of Manufacturing Engineers advisory board and speaks regularly on science and technology subjects.

VanDuzen Inc. is a privately held company based in Dallas, TX

VanDuzen Inc. | 501 Second Ave. Suite A1000 | Dallas, Texas, 75226 | 214.324.0030

Nancy Hairston

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